Site Map

How to use this site

The website is structured around five key themes of Invest, Live, Work, Study, Visit plus a News section.



At the top of every website page, you will see links to these six website sections, and by clicking on these boxes you will be taken straight to the appropriate section's landing page. Clicking on the logo on the top right hand side will return you directly to the homepage.


Within each of the six sections, you will find a left hand side vertical navigation bar. The left hand menus reflect the colour of the section you are in - Invest (Tweed blue); Live (maroon); Work (dark valley green); Study (heather purple); Visit (sea turquoise) and News (earth brown).


Below the header bar is the breadcrumb navigation. The breadcrumb trail will show you the navigation path from the home page to your current page location.


On the footer of every page, you will find direct links to the About Us, Terms & Conditions, Site Map and Our Scottish Borders Brand pages.


Search the site

If you cannot find content through navigation or the sitemap, a search box is available on every page, at the top right hand corner, beneath the logo.


You can type a search term or keyword in the search box then click on the magnifying glass to start your search. The search results page shows your resultts and a link to the appropriate section.


Sharing options and social media icons

The website offers a number of useful links and sharing options. These icons and links appear beneath the search box on every page: 


  • Contact Us - get in touch for more assistance
  • YouTube - watch our YouTube channel
  • Flickr - view our Flickr image gallery
  • Twitter - tweet the page link you are visiting
  • LinkedIn - link to our news/ pages via LinkedIn
  • Facebook - share content with your Facebook friends
  • Email - email site page urls to your contacts
  • PDF - create a pdf of the webpage you are visiting