About Us: New Ways Partners

New Ways brings together public sector agencies, as well as the private, voluntary and community sectors in the Borders.

New Ways is a way of thinking, an attitude, a way of doing things jointly, rather than on your own. In its most basic form, it's about asking the question "could I do what I am doing more effectively and more efficiently if I did it in partnership, by involving others, rather than on my own?"

The New Ways community planning partnership in the Scottish Borders provides a framework for putting people, communities, businesses and the environment at the heart of planning for prosperity in the Scottish Borders.

The main objectives of New Ways can be split into the following themes:
- Competitive Borders
- Healthy Borders
- Strong and Safe Borders
as well as a cross cutting "Fairer Borders" theme. 

Our Scottish Borders

The 'Our Scottish Borders' brand was conceived by partners to promote an active, forward-looking, inclusive community and this ourscottishborders website is designed to provide information on all aspects of life in the Scottish Borders.

Lead Partners

The logos of lead partners are shown below but it is the involvement and engagement of a very broad range of partners that adds value to the Scottish Borders, and ensures that together, we are effectively addressing the needs of people within our region.

Logo LBP Logo NHS Logo SE Logo BC Logo SBC Logo BHN


Single Outcome Agreements

The partnership’s work is driven by the Single Outcome Agreements (SOA) agreed with the Scottish Government.


The SOA are statements of what will achieved in the Scottish Borders, supported by a series of performance indicators which local partners and the Scottish Government sign up to deliver.

SOA signing

Council Leader David Parker shakes hands with John Swinney MSP after signing the Scottish Borders Single Outcome Agreement. 


For the latest information, visit http://www.scotborders.gov.uk/soa